Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 days and counting...

BJ's doctor instructed her to stop taking her blood thinners today (Sunday) in preparation for birth.  Tuesday evening, BJ will check into the hospital.  On Wednesday morning they will begin giving her induce labor.  Sometime on Wednesday or, God help us Thursday, our baby will be born. 

Below are some of the pictures from a photo shoot we did in a local park.


clew said...

Hi Daron! Just surfing by. Hope your baby was born today! All the best ~ Clew

clew said...

Shoot, I totally ended my comment before I meant to. I wanted to tell you, I too have MTHFR. We had so many losses before undergoing the same treatment it sounds like your wife did (blood thinners and gobs of folic acid) and being blessed with our son. You are the only people I've run across personally who have also been diagnosed with MTHFR.

I'm bookmarking you and will check back. All the best!