Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Just a quick update.

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that things are going fine.  We return to the doctor March 15th and may make a decision then about when we'll induce labor.  The baby is almost here and we have no idea what to name him...


alliemich said...

i just read your headline after finding your blog googling mthfr and multiple miscarriages. i just had my 3rd d/c yesterday and will go through recurrent pregnancy loss testing , but not unit may 6. is your wife homogynous or heterogynous???? did you also go thru rpl testing? what has her treatment been this time to achieve a successful pregnancy??
thanks for any help you can offer.

MDT said...

I find this blog and all of the reader comments very interesting, as I was diagnosed with homozygous MTHFR after having a miscarriage 1.5 years ago. I have since given birth to a full-term, healthy baby and during that pregnancy, they had me, like your wife, on folic acid. This was a "just in case" measure, as my homocysteine levels were found to be normal. I don't know if you've mentioned it before, but I was wondering if your wife had elevated or normal homocysteine levels? So much is said about MTHFR in relation to miscarriages when in fact it is the heightened homocysteine levels in the blood that seem to contribute to it. I'm just curious because you don't really hear people talking about homocysteine.

I also want to say congratulations on the second pregnancy. Hopefully you come up with a name soon!